6inch dia150mm SIC Wafer  4H-N Type Sic substrate for MOS device

6inch dia150mm SIC Wafer 4H-N Type Sic substrate for MOS device

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    4H-N Type epitaxial wafers


    6 Inch epitaxial wafers


    4H-N Type epi wafer

  • Material
    SiC Single Crystal 4h-N
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    Production Grade
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    For Polish Test
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    6inch 4h-n sic wafers
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    by case
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    single wafer package in 100-grade cleaning room
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    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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6inch dia150mm SIC Wafer 4H-N Type Sic substrate for MOS device


4h-n 4inch 6inch dia100mm sic seed wafer 1mm thickness for ingot growth

Customzied size/2inch/3inch/4inch/6inch 6H-N/4H-SEMI/ 4H-N SIC ingots/High purity 4H-N 4inch 6inch dia 150mm silicon carbide single crystal (sic) substrates wafersS/ Customzied as-cut sic wafersProduction 4inch grade 4H-N 1.5mm SIC Wafers for seed crystal

6inch SIC Wafer 4H-N Type production grade sic epitaxial wafers GaN layer on sic


About Silicon Carbide (SiC)Crystal  

Silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum, is a semiconductor containing silicon and carbon with chemical formula SiC. SiC is used in semiconductor electronics devices that operate at high temperatures or high voltages, or both.SiC is also one of the important LED components, it is a popular substrate for growing GaN devices, and it also serves as a heat spreader in high-power LEDs.


1. Description
Property 4H-SiC, Single Crystal 6H-SiC, Single Crystal
Lattice Parameters a=3.076 Å c=10.053 Å a=3.073 Å c=15.117 Å
Stacking Sequence ABCB ABCACB
Mohs Hardness ≈9.2 ≈9.2
Density 3.21 g/cm3 3.21 g/cm3
Therm. Expansion Coefficient 4-5×10-6/K 4-5×10-6/K
Refraction Index @750nm

no = 2.61
ne = 2.66

no = 2.60
ne = 2.65

Dielectric Constant c~9.66 c~9.66
Thermal Conductivity (N-type, 0.02

a~4.2 W/cm·K@298K
c~3.7 W/cm·K@298K

Thermal Conductivity (Semi-insulating)

a~4.9 W/cm·K@298K
c~3.9 W/cm·K@298K

a~4.6 W/cm·K@298K
c~3.2 W/cm·K@298K

Band-gap 3.23 eV 3.02 eV
Break-Down Electrical Field 3-5×106V/cm 3-5×106V/cm
Saturation Drift Velocity 2.0×105m/s 2.0×105m/s

SiC Applications

Application areas

  • 1 high frequency and high power electronic devices Schottky diodes, JFET, BJT, PiN,
  • diodes, IGBT, MOSFET
  • 2 optoelectronic devices: mainly used in GaN/SiC blue LED substrate material (GaN/SiC) LED

4 inch n-doped 4H Silicon Carbide SiC Wafer

4H-N  4inch diameter Silicon Carbide (SiC) Substrate Specification

6inch N-Type SiC Substrates Specifications
Property P-MOS Grade P-SBD Grade D Grade  
Crystal Specifications  
Crystal Form 4H  
Polytype Area None Permitted Area≤5%  
(MPD) a ≤0.2 /cm2 ≤0.5 /cm2 ≤5 /cm2  
Hex Plates None Permitted Area≤5%  
Hexagonal Polycrystal None Permitted  
Inclusions a Area≤0.05% Area≤0.05% N/A  
Resistivity 0.015Ω•cm—0.025Ω•cm 0.015Ω•cm—0.025Ω•cm 0.014Ω•cm—0.028Ω•cm  
(EPD)a ≤4000/cm2 ≤8000/cm2 N/A  
(TED)a ≤3000/cm2 ≤6000/cm2 N/A  
(BPD)a ≤1000/cm2 ≤2000/cm2 N/A  
(TSD)a ≤600/cm2 ≤1000/cm2 N/A  
(Stacking Fault) ≤0.5% Area ≤1% Area N/A  
Surface Metal Contamination (Al, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb, Na, K, Ti, Ca ,V, Mn) ≤1E11 cm-2  
Mechanical Specifications  
Diameter 150.0 mm +0mm/-0.2mm  
Surface Orientation Off-Axis:4°toward <11-20>±0.5°  
Primary Flat Length 47.5 mm ± 1.5 mm  
Secondary Flat Length No Secondary Flat  
Primary Flat Orientation <11-20>±1°  
Secondary Flat Orientation N/A  
Orthogonal Misorientation ±5.0°  
Surface Finish C-Face:Optical Polish,Si-Face:CMP  
Wafer Edge Beveling  
Surface Roughness
Si Face Ra≤0.20 nm ; C Face Ra≤0.50 nm  
Thickness a 350.0μm± 25.0 μm  
LTV(10mm×10mm)a ≤2μm ≤3μm  
(TTV)a ≤6μm ≤10μm  
(BOW) a ≤15μm ≤25μm ≤40μm  
(Warp) a ≤25μm ≤40μm ≤60μm  
Surface Specifications  
Chips/Indents None Permitted ≥0.5mm Width and Depth Qty.2 ≤1.0 mm Width and Depth  
Scratches a
(Si Face,CS8520)
≤5 and Cumulative Length≤0.5×Wafer Diameter ≤5 and Cumulative Length≤1.5× Wafer Diameter  
TUA(2mm*2mm) ≥98% ≥95% N/A  
Cracks None Permitted  
Contamination None Permitted  
Edge Exclusion 3mm  

6inch dia150mm SIC Wafer  4H-N Type Sic substrate for MOS device 16inch dia150mm SIC Wafer  4H-N Type Sic substrate for MOS device 26inch dia150mm SIC Wafer  4H-N Type Sic substrate for MOS device 3



4H-N Type / High Purity  SiC wafer/ingots
2 inch 4H N-Type SiC wafer/ingots
3 inch 4H N-Type SiC wafer
4 inch 4H N-Type SiC wafer/ingots
6 inch 4H N-Type SiC wafer/ingots

4H Semi-insulating /  High Purity SiC wafer

2 inch 4H Semi-insulating SiC wafer
3 inch 4H Semi-insulating SiC wafer
4 inch 4H Semi-insulating SiC wafer
6 inch 4H Semi-insulating SiC wafer
6H N-Type SiC wafer
2 inch 6H N-Type SiC wafer/ingot
 Customzied size for 2-6inch 

>Packaging – Logistcs

we concerns each details of the package , cleaning, anti-static , shock treatment .

According to the quantity and shape of the product , we will take a different packaging process! Almost by single wafer cassettes or 25pcs cassette in 100 grade cleaning room.