• Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire
  • Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire
  • Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire
  • Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire
Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire

Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZMSH
Model Number: sapphire dome

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Detail Information

Caliber (D):: Ø20mm ~ Ø400mm Wall Thickness (T):: ≥ 1mm
Dimension Tolerance: 0.01mm Irregularity △N:: ≥ 1/4
Surface Roughness:: < 10 Å Custom Shape:: Hemisphere Sapphire Dome, Hyper Hemisphere Sapphire Dome, Aspheric Sapphire Dome, Kerf Sapphire Dome
Surface Finish: 80-50 To 20-10 Per MIL-PRF-13830 Spherical Irregularity: <2 Fringes Per Inch (measured At 632nm)
Edge Bevel: Per Customer Specification
High Light:

Sapphire Dome UV Resistant


Hemisphere Sapphire Dome


Hemisphere Sapphire Optical Windows

Product Description

Sapphire Domes Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire Hemisphere


Sapphire Domes' abstract
Sapphire domes, renowned for their extraordinary material properties, have garnered attention for applications demanding superior impact and UV resistance. This abstract provides an in-depth exploration of sapphire domes with a focus on their impact resistance hemispheres and UV-resistant characteristics, detailing their key features, applications, and the advantages they bring to diverse technological domains.

Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire 0Impact Resistance Hemisphere Sapphire Dome UV Resistance Sapphire 1

Sapphire domes, harnessing the power of sapphire crystal material, stand as a cornerstone in the realm of technological advancements. This innovation is especially noteworthy in sectors where robust impact resistance and UV protection are essential. This extended discussion delves into the intricacies of sapphire domes, emphasizing their impact-resistant hemispheres and UV-resistant properties, elucidating their pivotal roles across diverse applications—from aerospace to optical systems.

At the forefront of technological progress, sapphire domes have redefined the standards for durability and protection. The utilization of sapphire crystal material, known for its exceptional hardness and optical clarity, positions these domes as a benchmark in fields where resilience against impacts and UV radiation is paramount.

Impact Resistance Hemispheres: Engineering Excellence

Sapphire domes with impact resistance hemispheres exemplify engineering excellence in mitigating the challenges posed by external forces. The unique design of these hemispheres allows the domes to endure and deflect blunt impacts, providing a robust shield for sensitive equipment housed within. The inherent hardness of sapphire crystal material, surpassing many other materials, ensures an extraordinary level of resilience against scratches, abrasions, and impact-induced damages.

The impact resistance of sapphire domes holds significant implications for aerospace applications. Acting as protective coverings for optical instruments, sensors, and communication systems, these domes ensure the survival of critical components during high-speed flights and potential encounters with debris. The aerospace industry benefits from the longevity and durability imparted by sapphire domes, ensuring the integrity of vital components in demanding environments.

UV Resistance Sapphire Hemisphere: Shielding Against Harmful Radiation

Sapphire domes, with their UV-resistant properties, serve as effective shields against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The UV resistance sapphire hemisphere is especially critical in environments where prolonged exposure to UV rays is unavoidable. This protective feature preserves the optical clarity and structural integrity of the dome over extended periods, making it an invaluable component in optical systems and aerospace applications where prolonged UV exposure may otherwise degrade materials.

In optical systems, the UV resistance property of sapphire domes is a game-changer. It ensures the longevity and performance of lenses, sensors, and other optical components, maintaining the precision of devices over time. The benefits extend to sectors where optical clarity is fundamental, such as surveillance equipment, cameras, and scientific instruments.

Pivotal Role in Diverse Applications: Aerospace to Optical Systems

The pivotal role of sapphire domes in diverse applications cannot be overstated. In aerospace, they contribute significantly to the protection and performance of optical instruments, sensors, and communication systems. Their ability to withstand impacts and resist UV radiation ensures the reliability of critical components, making them indispensable in high-altitude and high-speed environments.

Beyond aerospace, sapphire domes find application in military contexts, serving as protective enclosures for missiles, guided systems, and surveillance equipment. The impact resistance of these domes is a key asset in safeguarding sensitive military technologies. The UV resistance further enhances their suitability for prolonged outdoor deployments.

Advantages: Durable Protection and Optical Clarity

The advantages of sapphire domes with impact resistance hemispheres and UV resistance lie in their ability to provide durable protection without compromising optical clarity. Their resistance to scratches and environmental degradation ensures a longer lifespan for the domes, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing the overall cost-effectiveness of systems employing this technology. This combination of features positions sapphire domes as superior choices in comparison to traditional materials.

Future Developments: Pushing the Boundaries

The journey of sapphire domes is far from over. Ongoing research and development efforts are dedicated to further enhancing their impact and UV resistance properties. Innovations in manufacturing techniques and material engineering are anticipated to push the boundaries, opening up new possibilities for applications in emerging technologies and industries.

Conclusion: Sapphire Domes Redefining Technological Frontiers

In conclusion, sapphire domes, with their impact resistance hemispheres and UV-resistant properties, emerge as indispensable components in applications demanding durability and protection against environmental factors. Their unique combination of material properties positions them as key players in aerospace, military, and optical systems, contributing to the advancement and reliability of technologies in diverse domains. As technology continues to evolve, sapphire domes stand as pioneers, redefining the frontiers of what is possible in the world of technological innovation.


Applications of Sapphire Domes

Enhancing Technology Across Industries

Sapphire domes, harnessing the unique properties of sapphire crystal material, find diverse and crucial applications across various industries. This section explores the multifaceted applications of sapphire domes, shedding light on their pivotal roles in enhancing technology and addressing specific needs in sectors ranging from aerospace to optics.

1. Aerospace Applications

Sapphire domes play a fundamental role in the aerospace industry, serving as protective enclosures for optical instruments, sensors, and communication systems. Their impact resistance hemispheres ensure the survival of critical components during high-speed flights, making them indispensable for enhancing the durability and reliability of aerospace technologies.

2. Military and Defense Systems

In military contexts, sapphire domes act as protective shields for sensitive equipment, including missiles, guided systems, and surveillance devices. The impact resistance and UV-resistant properties of these domes make them essential in safeguarding military technologies, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging operational environments.

3. Optical Systems and Instruments

Optical clarity is paramount in optical systems, and sapphire domes deliver exceptional performance in this regard. They find applications in cameras, surveillance equipment, and scientific instruments, where maintaining optical precision over time is crucial. The UV resistance property preserves the quality of lenses and sensors, contributing to the longevity of optical devices.

4. High-Speed Aircraft and UAVs

Sapphire domes serve as transparent shields for high-speed aircraft, providing visibility and protection for optical instruments and sensors on board. Their durability and impact resistance make them suitable for withstanding high-speed flight conditions. Additionally, these domes find applications in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and reconnaissance drones, contributing to the effective functioning and protection of optical and sensory equipment.

5. Scientific Research Instruments

In scientific research, where precision and reliability are paramount, sapphire domes find applications in various instruments. Their optical transparency and durability make them suitable for protecting sensitive components in devices used for research and experimentation.

6. Submersible Technologies

Sapphire domes, known for their robustness, are employed in submersible technologies. Their ability to withstand underwater pressure, coupled with optical clarity, makes them suitable for protecting cameras and sensors in underwater exploration devices.

7. Emerging Technologies

As technology continues to advance, sapphire domes are finding applications in emerging technologies. This includes their integration into advanced sensors, LiDAR systems, and other cutting-edge technologies where durability, clarity, and protection are essential requirements.

8. Industrial and Manufacturing Processes

Sapphire domes are utilized in industrial and manufacturing processes, especially in environments where resistance to scratches, impacts, and extreme conditions is necessary. Their application in protective enclosures for sensors and cameras enhances the reliability of these systems in challenging industrial settings.

Conclusion: Versatile Solutions for Diverse Needs

In conclusion, sapphire domes stand as versatile solutions, meeting diverse needs across industries. From aerospace to military applications, optics, and beyond, the impact resistance, UV protection, and durability of sapphire domes make them indispensable components. As technology evolves, sapphire domes continue to redefine and elevate standards in various fields, contributing to the advancement and reliability of a wide array of technologies.


Parameter Table


Diameter 100mm maximum +/- .025mm
Thickness Preferred 20:1 aspect ratio diameter to thickness
<25 microns wall thickness variation within an overall thickness tolerance of +/- .05mm
Included Angle 180 degrees maximum
Spherical Irregularity <2 fringes per inch
(measured at 632nm)
Surface Finish 80-50 to 20-10 per MIL-PRF-13830
(dependent upon surface irregularity)
Centering Error 0.012mm maximum
Edge Bevel Per customer specification



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