6" Silicon Based AlN Templates 500nm AlN Film On Silicon Substrate

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZMKJ
Model Number: UTI-AlN-150
Minimum Order Quantity: 3pcs
Price: by case
Packaging Details: single wafer container in cleaning room
Delivery Time: in 30days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, paypal
Supply Ability: 50pcs/month
Substrate: Silicon Wafer Layer: AlN Template
Layer Thickness: 200-1000nm Conductivity Type: N/P
Orientation: 0001 Application: High Power/high Frequency Electronic Devices
Application 2: 5G Saw/BAW Devices Silicon Thickness: 525um/625um/725um
High Light:

AlN film on silicon substrate


500nm AlN templates


6" AlN templates

diameter 150mm   8inch 4inch 6inch Silicon-based AlN templates 500nm AlN film on silicon substrate


Applications of   AlN template
Silicon-based semiconductor technology has reached its limits and could not satisfy the requirements of future
electronic devices. As a typical kind of 3rd/4th-generation semiconductor material, aluminum nitride (AlN) has
superior physical and chemical properties such as wide bandgap, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown filed,
high electronic mobility and corrosion/radiation resistance, and is a perfect substrate for optoelectronic devices,
radio frequency (RF) devices, high-power/high-frequency electronic devices, etc.. Particularly, AlN substrate is the
best candidate for UV-LED, UV detectors, UV lasers, 5G high-power/high-frequency RF devices and 5G SAW/BAW
devices, which could widely be used in environmental protection, electronics, wireless communications, printing,
biology, healthcare, military and other fields, such as UV purification/sterilization, UV curing, photocatalysis, coun
terfeit detection, high-density storage, medical phototherapy, drug discovery, wireless and secure communication,
aerospace/deep-space detection and other fields.
we have developed a serials of proprietary processes and technologies to fabricate
high-quality AlN templates. At present, Our OEM is the only company worldwide who can produce 2-6 inch AlN
templates in large-scale industrial production capability with capacity of 300,000 pieces in 2020 to meet explosive
market demand from UVC-LED, 5G wireless communication, UV detectors and sensors etc
The factroy  is an innovative high-tech company founded in 2016 by  renowned Chinese Overseas professionals from semiconductor industry.
they focus its core business on development and commercialization of 3rd/4th-generation ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor AlN substrates,
AlN templates, fully automatic PVT growth reactors and related  products and services for various high-tech industries.
it has been recognized as a global leader in this field. Our core  products are key strategy materials listed in “Made in China ".
  they have developed a serials of proprietary technologies and the-state-of-the  art PVT growth reactors and facilities to
fabricate different sizes of high-quality single crystalline AlN wafers, AlN temlpates. We are one of the few world-leading
high-tech companies who own full AlN fabrication capa
bilities to produce high-quality AlN boules and wafers, and provide professional services and turn-key solutions to our customers,
arranged from the growth reactor and hotzone design, modeling and simulation, process design and optimization, crystal growth,
wafering and material characterization. Up to April 2019, they have applied more than 27 patents  (including PCT).
Characteristic Specification
  • Model                                           UTI-AlN-150S
  • Conductivity Type                       C-plane of Si single crystal wafer
  • Resistivity (Ω)                                      >5000
  • AlN structure                                     Wurtzite
  • Diameter (inch)                                   6inch 
  • Substrate thickness (µm)                     625 ± 15
  • AlN Film thickness (µm)                      500nm 
  • Orientation                                          C-axis [0001] +/- 0.2°
  • Usable Area                                          ≥95%
  • Cracks                                                  None
  • FWHM-2θXRD@(0002)                     ≤0.22°
  • FWHM-HRXRD@(0002)                    ≤1.5°
  • Surface Roughness [5×5µm] (nm)       RMS≤6.0
  • TTV (µm)                                             ≤7
  • Bow (µm)                                             ≤40
  • Warp (µm)                                          -30~30
  • Note: These characterization results may vary slightly depending on the equipments and/or software employed
6" Silicon Based AlN Templates 500nm AlN Film On Silicon Substrate 0

6" Silicon Based AlN Templates 500nm AlN Film On Silicon Substrate 1

6" Silicon Based AlN Templates 500nm AlN Film On Silicon Substrate 26" Silicon Based AlN Templates 500nm AlN Film On Silicon Substrate 3

Crystal structure


Lattice constant (Å) a=3.112, c=4.982
Conduction band type Direct bandgap
Density (g/cm3) 3.23
Surface microhardness (Knoop test) 800
Melting point (℃) 2750 (10-100 bar in N2)
Thermal conductivity (W/m·K) 320
Band gap energy (eV) 6.28
Electron mobility (V·s/cm2) 1100
Electric breakdown field (MV/cm) 11.7

6" Silicon Based AlN Templates 500nm AlN Film On Silicon Substrate 4

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