100mm Sapphire Substrate 4 Inch Al2O3 0.5mm C - Axis Thickness Customized

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: zmkj
Model Number: 4INCH*0.5mmt
Minimum Order Quantity: 25pcs
Price: by case
Packaging Details: in 25pcs cassette wafer box under 100grade cleaning room
Delivery Time: 3-5weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000pcs per month
Material: Sapphire Single Crystal Orientation: C-axis
Surface: Ssp Or Dsp Thickness: 0.5mm Or Customized
Application: Led Or Optical Glass Growth Method: Ky
High Light:

sapphire material


silicon substrate

2inch /3inch 4inch /5inch  C-axis/ a-axis/  r-axis/ m-axis 6"/6inch dia150mm C-plane Sapphire SSP/DSP wafers with 650um/1000um Thickness

About synthetic sapphire crystal

Sapphire Properties

Chemical formula Al2O3
Density 3.97 g/cm3
Hardness 9 Mohs
Melting point 2050oC
Max. use temperature 1800-1900oC
Tensile strength 250-400 MPa
Compressive strength 2000 MPa
Poisson's ratio 0.25-0.30
Young's Modulus 350-400 GPa
Bending strength 450-860 MPa
Rapture Modulus 350-690 MPa
Linear expansion rate (at 293-323 K) 5.0*10-6K-1(⊥ C)
6.6*10-6K-1(∥ C)
Thermal conductivity (at 298 K) 30.3 W/(m*K)(⊥ C)
32.5 W/(m*K)(∥ C)
Specific heat (at 298 K) 0.10 cal*g-1
Resistivity (at 298 K) 5.0*1018 Ω*cm(⊥ C)
1.3-2.9*1019 Ω*cm(∥ C)
Dielectric constant (at 298 K, in 103-109 Hz interval) 9.3 (⊥ C)
11.5 (∥ C)

Synthetic sapphire is transparent single crystal 99.99% pure Al2O3 that exhibits a unique combination of physical, chemical, electrical and optical properties: high thermal conductivity, high strength and scratch resistance, hardness (9 on the Mohs scale), transparent in wide range of wavelength, chemical inertness.
High crystal perfection, low reactivity, and appropriate unit cell size make sapphire an excellent substrate in the semiconductor industry for blue light-emitting diodes (LED).
Since Nobel Laureate in Physics Shuji Nakamura used the sapphire substrate in 1990s for LED, the demand of sapphire crystal has been growing rapidly.

It drives development of new markets like general lighting, backside lighting in TV-sets, displays, consumer appliances, aerospace and defense, and other applications

100mm Sapphire Substrate 4 Inch Al2O3 0.5mm C - Axis Thickness Customized 0

The material is grown and orientated, and substrates are fabricated and polished to an extremely smooth damage free Epi-Ready surface on one or both sides of the wafer. A variety of wafer orientations and sizes up to 6" diameter are available.

A-Plane sapphire substrates - are usually used for hybrid microelectronic applications requiring a uniform dielectric constant and highly insulating characteristics.

C-Plane substrates - tend to be used for lll-V and ll-Vl compounds, such as GaN, for bright blue and green LED and laser diodes.

R-Plane substrates - these are preferred for the hetero-epitaxial deposition of silicon used in microelectronic IC applications.


Standard wafer

2 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
3 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
4 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
6 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
Special Cut
A-plane (1120) sapphire wafer
R-plane (1102) sapphire wafer
M-plane (1010) sapphire wafer
N-plane (1123) sapphire wafer
C-axis with a 0.5°~ 4° offcut, toward A-axis or M-axis
Other customized orientation
Customized Size
10*10mm sapphire wafer
20*20mm sapphire wafer
Ultra thin (100um) sapphire wafer
8 inch sapphire wafer

Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS)
2 inch C-plane PSS
4 inch C-plane PSS


 DSP C-AXIS  0.1mm/0.175mm/0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm

/0.5mm/  1.0mmt  

 SSP C-axis  0.2/0.43mm

(DSP&SSP) A-axis/M-axis/R-axis 0.43mm 




DSP/ SSP C-axis 0.43mm/0.5mm  




dsp   c-axis 0.4mm/ 0.5mm/1.0mm

ssp  c-axis  0.5mm/0.65mm/1.0mmt




 ssp c-axis  1.0mm/1.3mmm


dsp c-axis  0.65mm/ 0.8mm/1.0mmt 



Specification for substrates

Material High purity,Al2O3,Sapphire
Diameter 1'',2'',3'',4'',5'',6'',7'',8''
Thickness 0.43mm,0.65mm,1mm or other on rquest
Orientation c-plane(0001) or a-axis /m-axis /r-axis
Orientation Flat 16mm,22mm/30mm 47.5mm or notch ,other are on request
Primary flat location A-axis(11-20)+/-3° or other
Surface roughness Ra<3A(0.3nm)
Edge chamfer Rounded chamfer
BOW/TTV/ Warp -10um/ 10um/ 20um



Products Detail

100mm Sapphire Substrate 4 Inch Al2O3 0.5mm C - Axis Thickness Customized 1100mm Sapphire Substrate 4 Inch Al2O3 0.5mm C - Axis Thickness Customized 2100mm Sapphire Substrate 4 Inch Al2O3 0.5mm C - Axis Thickness Customized 3100mm Sapphire Substrate 4 Inch Al2O3 0.5mm C - Axis Thickness Customized 4

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Q: What's the way of shipping and cost?

A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS etc.

(2) If you have your own express account, it's great.If not,we could help you ship them. Freight is USD30


Q: How to pay?

A: T/T, Paypal, Secure payment and Assurance payment on Alibaba.com and etc..


Q: What's your MOQ?

A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 5pcs.

(2) For customized products, the MOQ is 10pcs-20pcs.


Q: What's the delivery time?

A: (1) For the standard products

For inventory: the delivery is 5 workdays after you place the order.

For customized products: the delivery is 2 or 3 weeks after you place the order.

(2) For the special-shaped products, the delivery is 4 or 6 workweeks after you place the order.


Q: Can I customize the products based on my need?

A: Yes, we can customize the material, specifications and optical coating for your optical components based on your needs.

Q: Do you have inspection report for material?

A: We can supply ISO,CE and SGS etc for our products.


Q: Do you have standard products?

A: Our standard products in stock.


100mm Sapphire Substrate 4 Inch Al2O3 0.5mm C - Axis Thickness Customized 6

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