Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove

Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove

  • High Light

    Sapphire Rod With Groove


    Monocrystalline Sapphire Glass Lens


    Al2O3 Sapphire Rod Lens

  • Material
  • Orientation
  • Surface S/D
    All Surface Polisehd 60/40
  • Tolerance
  • Application
    For Bearing
  • Grade
    Optical Grade Without Bubble;color
  • Ttransmittance
    99% At 635nm After Coating
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    sapphire crylinder rod lens
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    by case
  • Packaging Details
    packed in Capacitor paper +Sponge paper+paper case
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    500pcs per month

Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove


Detection Equipment Sapphire Optical Windows High Pressure Resistant;

Monocrystalline Al2O3 sapphire crlinder rod lens polished surface with groove


Sapphire is a single crystal form of Al2O3 with good chemical, mechanical and optical properties. Sapphire is resistant to strong acids and can be used in corrosive environments. The surface is scratch and abrasion resistant with a Knoop hardness of up to 1800 parallel to the optical axis (C-axis) and a Knoop hardness of 2200 perpendicular to the optical axis.


Uncoated sapphire windows are suitable for harsh conditions, including high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum or corrosive environments. Sapphire has high compressive strength and is resistant to strong acid corrosion.

  • Sapphire is Ideal for high temperature, high pressure or strong vacuum environments and have corrosion resistant
  • Transparency from 170 nm to 5.5 µm
  • Very hard and more durable than standard optical glass;
  • Unique properties of sapphire material
  • High temperature and high pressure treatment

Sapphire windows are highly resistant to extreme temperature and pressure changes. These windows are often used as viewing windows to observe the interior of vacuum chambers or chambers containing high temperature plasma.


Wide transmission range

Uncoated sapphire is transparent over a broad wavelength range from 170 nm to 5.5 μm.


Notes on Birefringence

SAW series sapphire windows have random axis orientation. Since sapphire is slightly birefringent, this can cause a slight change in the polarization state of the transmitted light.

    Optical windows are applied for protecting fragile optical components inside an equipment or directly used for watching windows because of its very good   physical property.

they are adopted to isolate two physical environments while allowing light to pass. Optical Sapphire windows refer to a piece of transparent optical material that allows light into an optical instrument. They are pieces of optical glasses with ground and polished faces that are relatively parallel.
Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove 0Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove 1

 Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove 2Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove 3

Optical Sapphire window Specifications:


Structure Square plano lens
Substrate Material Glass Sapphire
Diameters &Thickness Available 1 mm to 400mm for Diameter ,0.08-300mm for Thickness 
DiameterTolerance +0.00/-0.10 mm
Surface Quality 60-40 Scratch-Dig(general) 10-5 to 80-50 is available
Surface Flatness 1/4 lambda to 3lambda
Surface Irregularity
(Peak to Valley)
 commonly 1-3λ
Thickness tolerance     +/-0.1mm or better
Focal length tolerance          +/-1%
Clear Aperture      >90% of Diameter
Chamfer 0.05-0.5mmx45degree,according to customer’s needs.
Centration 3 arc min

AR,Mgf2 is on request,R<0.25%
Visible wavelength,laser wavelength

Monocrystalline Al2O3 Sapphire Crylinder Rod Lens With Groove 4

  • We will fabricate as the drawings and requirements rigorously.
  • We have the very Fast delivery capacity within 15days by Customized size
  • In addition,we Support  { ONE WEEK REFUND MONEY} if not qualified.
  • We also can make substrates, wafers, rods,Bump join; Lens with step&hole

Packing and Delivery-

1. We will use protective plastic and customized boxed to pack.(Enviroment friendly material)
2. We could do customized packing according to the quantity.
3. DHL/Fedex/UPS Express usually takes about 3-7working days to the destination.