Dsp SSP M - Axis Sapphire Windows , Sapphire Wafer 10-10 10-12 2 Inch

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZMKJ
Model Number: 2INCH M -axis
Minimum Order Quantity: 25pcs
Price: by case
Packaging Details: 25pcs cassettle wafer case in 100 grade cleaning bag
Delivery Time: 1-4weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000pcs per month
Material: Sapphire Substrate Grade Orientation: M-axis
Thickness: 430um(other Thickness Ok) Surface: SSP OR DSP
TTV: <10um BOW: <15um
Warp: <15um Package: 100 Grade Cleaning Room By Vacuum Package
Customize: Acceptable
High Light:

sapphire wafer


silicon substrate


Special Orientation SSP/ DSP A-axis <11-20> R-axis <1-102> M-axis<10-10> 2inch 3inch 4inch 6inch sapphire substrates wafers for GaN epitaxial growth;




Why Sapphire?

  • Zero Degree: The direction of view is parallel to the optical axis of the crystal Dsp SSP M - Axis Sapphire Windows , Sapphire Wafer 10-10 10-12 2 Inch 0

  • 90 Degree: The direction of view is perpendicular to the optical axis of the crystal

  • C-Axis: In a rod, the direction along its length. In a window, the direction perpendicular to the face.

  • M-Plane: The plane containing the optic axis (C) and inclined 30 degrees to the A-axis

  • A-Plane: The plane that is perpendicular to the A-axis, containing the C-axis

  • R-Plane: A plane inclined 57.5667 degrees to the optic axis in the same zone as the M-plane.

  • Random: There is no specified relationship between the part and the crystalline orientation. The part is manufactured without concern about orientation.

        Sapphire is a hexagonal lattice structure, and many properties are determined by its crystal orientation. Through epitaxial crystal growth, different crystal orientations will exhibit different lattices to match the target material.
Sapphire has certain birefringence characteristics, and special crystal axes are used in some optical fields, such as polarized substrates: C-cut sapphire substrates are used to grow III-V and II-VI deposited films, such as gallium nitride. It can produce blue LED products, laser diodes and infrared detector applications.
Type A substrates produce a uniform permittivity/medium, and high levels of insulation are used in hybrid microelectronics. The high temperature superconductor can be produced by a type A substrate crystal.
Different deposited silicon outer extension crystals of R-type substrate growth are applied to microelectronic integrated circuits. Sapphire is a choice of hybrid substrates due to its high permittivity characteristics, such as in microwave integrated circuits. In addition, high-speed integrated circuits and pressure sensors can be formed during film formation for epitaxial silicon growth. R-type substrate growth can also be applied in the fabrication of tantalum, other superconducting components, high resistance resistors, gallium arsenide.
Both M, A, and R types can grow non-polar or semi-polar gallium nitride. Sapphire as a commercial product still requires a lot of research to improve the material quality of gallium nitride epitaxial.

  One of the hardest materials available
  Superior IR & UV transmission compared to other optical materials
  Highly scratch & abradant resistant
  Highly chemical resistant
  Maximum temperature rating of almost 2000C



The Detail for 2inch A-axis wafers                        

Size: 2 inch SSP-430-R-axis

Material: KY Sapphire Al2O3 single crystal without bubble;color ;

Orientation:R-cut,R-axis off 0.0+/-0.1°;
Diameter: 50.8 +/-0.2mm ;

Thickness:430 ± 15 um ;
OF Flat:16.0 +/- 1.0 mm ;
OF orientation: 45+/-1deg. counter-clockwise from C-axis projection on R-plane, 
Surface: SSP Epi-ready Polished ;
TTV<= 10um ;BOW<= 20um ; Warp<= 20 um ;
Front Surface Roughness (Ra) Ra <= 0.3 nm ;
Back Surface Roughness (Ra)  Ra = 1.0 +/-0.2um ;
Edge: from 1mm ;


Dsp SSP M - Axis Sapphire Windows , Sapphire Wafer 10-10 10-12 2 Inch 1


The Inspection Data                                                 
  Dsp SSP M - Axis Sapphire Windows , Sapphire Wafer 10-10 10-12 2 Inch 2

General  Other Size Sheet                                         
 Standard wafer
2 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
3 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
4 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
6 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
Special Orientation
A-plane (1120) sapphire wafer
R-plane (1102) sapphire wafer
M-plane (1010) sapphire wafer
C-axis with a 0.5°~ 10° offcut, toward A-axis or M-axis
Other customized orientation
Customized Size
10x10x0.5mm sapphire wafer
20x20x0.5mm sapphire wafer
Ultra thin (100um) 2inch sapphire wafer
8 inch sapphire wafer


Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS)
2 inch C-plane PSS
4 inch C-plane PSS

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