Al2O3 Single Crystal Custom Sapphire Glass Razor Medical Blade 38x4.5x0.3mmt

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: zmkj
Model Number: 38x4.5x0.3mmt
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: by case
Packaging Details: packing in film
Delivery Time: 2-4weeks
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability: 100000pcs
Material: Sapphire Single Crystal Size: 38x40x0.3mmt
Edge: Single Side Orientation: Cut Orientation A-axis
Hardeness: 9.0 Applications: Blade
High Light:

sapphire lens


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The Outstanding Advantage For Sapphire

1- Thinner and Stronger than Standard Glass Windows
2- Transmits Wavelengths Ranging From UV to Mid-Infrared
3- Features Extreme Surface Hardness and Chemical Resistance

sapphire physical property

Product Name: Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) crystal substrate Sapphire crystal glass
Product Description: Al2O3 single crystal (Sapphire, also known as white stones, sapphire) has good thermal properties, excellent electrical characteristics and dielectric properties, and anti-chemicalcorrosion, it is high temperature, thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transparent, chemically stable good. Widely used in high-temperature infrared window materials and III-V nitride epitaxial film substrate and a variety of materials to meet the growing blue, purple, white light-emitting diode (LED) and blue laser (LD) needs, Branch Crystal company specializing in the production of high quality polished sapphire crystal and epitaxial substrates will provide you with a lot of high quality and low price monocrystalline substrate.
Technical parameters:
Crystal structure Hexagonal a = 4.758 Å c = 12.992 Å
Crystal orientation

(11-20) - a plane: 2.379 Å (1-102) - r plane: 1.740 Å

(10-10) - m plane: 1.375 Å (0001) - c plane: 2.165 Å
Crystal purity > 99.99%
Mp 2040 o C
Density 3.98 g / cm 3
Hardness 9 (mohs)
Thermal expansion 7.5 (x10 -6 / o C)
Heat capacity 0.10 (cal / o C)
Thermal conductivity 46.06 @ 0 o C 25.12 @ 100 o C, 12.56 @ 400 o C (W / (mK))
Permittivity ~ 9.4 @ 300K at A axis ~ 11.58 @ 300K at C axis
Loss tangent <2x10 -5 at A axis, <5 x10 -5 at C axis


Applications of sapphire product in Medical
· Sapphire is used in surgical systems for laser transmission and in contact with bodily fluids.

Endoscope lenses - sapphire is often used in endoscope lenses due to its durability in contact with tissues and in sterilisation environments such as autoclaving
· Sapphire knives - with a sapphire knife, thinner sections are possible. The near perfect cutting edge of this knife / blade gives distortion-free sections down to 10 microns thick.

· Surgical tips - sapphire is used in contact tips for various surgical laser applications

3.0 sample in detail

Al2O3 Single Crystal Custom Sapphire Glass Razor Medical Blade 38x4.5x0.3mmt 0

Al2O3 Single Crystal Custom Sapphire Glass Razor Medical Blade 38x4.5x0.3mmt 1




Q:Why to choose ZMKJ?

A. ZMKJ has a factory manufactuer offers custom varied high quality optical and semi wafers products.

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C. Stable delivery,General produce time:7-20 days.

Q:How to pay?

100% in advance before delivery by TT,paypal, Alipay. delivery company choose DHL,Fedex ,SF,EMS.

Al2O3 Single Crystal Custom Sapphire Glass Razor Medical Blade 38x4.5x0.3mmt 2



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