Light Guide Block Sapphire Crystal Glass , Custom Sapphire Glass Laser Beauty Ipl Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: zmkj
Model Number: 30x40x10mmt
Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs
Price: by case
Packaging Details: packed in Capacitor paper +Sponge paper+paper case
Delivery Time: 1-3weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500-5000pcs per month
Material: Sapphire Optical Grade Orientation: C-axis
Surface S/D: DSP 60/40 Tolerance: ±0.03mm
Application: Laser Cosmetic Instrument Grade: Optical Grade Without Bubble;color
Transmittance: >70% At 200nm
High Light:

sapphire glass window


optical window glass


30x40x18mmt/ 30x40x10mmt/ Sapphire light guide block/ Sapphire Filter glass for Laser beauty ipl machine




Our Advantage of IPL Sapphire Crystal VS Traditional Sapphire Crystal

1)Using high quality raw materials, through the process of high precision machining with good surface quality and durability;
2)Crystal materials have excellent optical, blood, mechanical properties;
3)Dense coating to prevent the scattering of Guangde, to avoid damage to the skin;
4)The AR coated, high damage threshold, the service life is prolonged, it is more safe when you use the machine;



Rough & Polished windows  process  capacity 


Name optical glass
Material Sapphire,quartz
Diameter Tolerance +/-0.03 mm
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.01 mm
Cler Aperture over 90%
Flatness ^/4 @632.8nm
Surface Quality 80/50~10/5 scratch and dig
Transmission above 92%
Chamfer 0.1-0.3 mm x 45 degree
Focal Length Tolerance +/-2%
Back Focal Length Tolerance +/-2%
Coating available
Usage opticl system, photographic sysem, Lighting system,Electronic apparatuse.g.laser,camera,monitor,projector,magnifier,telescope,polarizer,electronic instrument,led etc.


IPL Sapphire Crystal       


IPL is used for Hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and certain procedures like birth mark removal.

IPL filter or light guides are the key optical element for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machine, which
filters the UV wave and reserve the useful wave from 400nm to 1200nm for cosmetic laser, such
as hair removal, vascular and acne treatment.


Available wavelength: 515 to 1200nm, 530 to 1200nm, 550 to 1200nm, 560 to 1200nm,
570 to 1200nm, 590 to 1200nm, 615 to 1200nm, 645 to 1200nm, 695 to 1200nm,
755 to 1200nm, 780 to 1200 nm.

Specifications IPL Filter& Internal filter IPL crystal (Light guide)
Material sapphire crystal
Dimension Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Clear Aperture >95%
Surface Quality 60-40 scratch and dig
Wavefront Distortion 1/2 wave at 632nm
Bevel <0.25mm x45°
Some Standard size in Stock 34x8x10 34×8x50
45x18x10 15x35x30
22.4x67x4 15x8x30
8x40x30 50×14x2
50×25x2 55×25x2


Light Guide Block Sapphire Crystal Glass , Custom Sapphire Glass Laser Beauty Ipl Machine 0Light Guide Block Sapphire Crystal Glass , Custom Sapphire Glass Laser Beauty Ipl Machine 1


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Light Guide Block Sapphire Crystal Glass , Custom Sapphire Glass Laser Beauty Ipl Machine 2



FAQ & CONTACT                                


Q:What is your minimum order requirement?
A:MOQ: 10 piece

Q:How long will it take to execute my order ?
A:After confirming the payment.

Q:Can you give warranty of your products ?
A:We promise the quality, if the quality has any problems, we will produce new produces or return you money.

Q:How to pay?
A:T/T, Paypal, West Union, bank transfer and  or Assurance payment on Alibaba and etc.

Q:Can you produce custom optics?
A:Yes, we can produce custom optics
Q:If you have any other questions,please do not hesitate to contact me.
A:Tel+:86-15801942596 or


Light Guide Block Sapphire Crystal Glass , Custom Sapphire Glass Laser Beauty Ipl Machine 3

Why Choose Us

1.Over 7 years technology and business experience;
2.Having many partners in the domestic and overseas;
3.0R&D at leading level specializing in crystal material field;
4.Having multiple Invention patents and Utility model patents on R&D of Sapphire crystals;
5.We assure you will always be equipped with the latest technology from us;
6.Advanced facilities, fine procedures and responsible staff spell Quality crystal ,material;
7.Large Manufacturing capability assure stable production capacity;
8.As a SAPPHIRE crystal material maker, we are armed with sufficient testing facilities and expertise on quality control of Sapphire optical crystal material. We believe this is our overwhelming superiority Vs other laser crystal material makers.



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