39/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZMKJ
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: rough sapphire Watch glass
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: 5-15usd/pcs
Packaging Details: customized size plastic box
Delivery Time: 1-4weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/month
Material: Artificial Sapphire Single Crystal Orientation: A-axis
Surface: As-cut Or Lapped Grade: Without Bubble,impurity
Color: White Size: Dia30-dia55mm, Customized Ok
High Light:

sapphire crystal watch face


scratch proof watch glass


Dia30mm/33.5mm/34mm/37mm/39mm/40mm/45mm A-axis Sapphire rough plate for wrist watch glass/ Sapphire watch glass 


A sapphire watch crystal is a watch screen that is fabricated using sapphire crystal. Sapphires are used due to their resistance and toughness as well as their aesthetic appearance.

Sapphire is the second strongest jewel on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, second only to the diamond. The crystal is usually made up of a sapphire-quartz combination. The screens are not completely shatter proof since strength is different than hardness, but it does mean that almost nothing other than diamond is able to scratch the face. This means that those who like to keep their watch faces completely scratch-free often go with this watch crystal.

There are many modern examples of using sapphire crystals as screens in watches and other devices. The Richard Mille watch series, including the Tourbillion, is one such example. Sapphire is tough, but it takes delicate work during machining. Such watches often take 1,000 hours of machining with up to 430 hours pre-forming case components and another 350 just for watch case polishing. Watches with sapphire crystals can often cost between $100 and $300 or more depending on the watch. They are also a common addition to diving watches due to their clearness and toughness despite water pressure of 50 meters or more.


Sapphire Properties

Chemical Formula
Crystal Stucture
Hexagonal System ((hk o 1)
Unit Cell Dimension
a=4.758 Å,Å c=12.991 Å, c:a=2.730
English (Imperial)
3.98 g/cc


0.144 lb/in3
1525 - 2000 Knoop, 9 mhos
3700° F
Melting Point
2310 K (2040° C)
Tensile Strength
275 MPa to 400 MPa
40,000 to 58,000 psi
at 20°
400 MPa
58,000 psi (design min.)
at 500° C
275 MPa
40,000 psi (design min.)
at 1000° C
355 MPa
52,000 psi (design min.)
Flexural Stength
480 MPa to 895 MPa
70,000 to 130,000 psi
Compression Strength
2.0 GPa (ultimate)
300,000 psi (ultimate)
Young's Modulus, E
345 GPa
50 x 106 psi
(Modulus of Elasticity)
Bulk Modulus, k
250 GPa
36 x 106 psi
(Modulus of Compression)
Shear Modulus, G
145 GPa
21 x 106 psi
(Modulus of Rigidity)
350 MPa to 690 MPa
50,000 to 100,000 psi
(Modulus of Rupture)
Poisson's Ratio
Sapphire is anisotropic. It is orientation dependent.
Thermal Conductivity
at 0° C
46.06 W/(m • K)
319.4 BTU in/hr ft2 °F
(60° orientation)
at 100° C
25.12 W/(m • K)
174.2 BTU in/hr ft2 °F
at 400° C
12.56 W/(m • K)
87.1 BTU in/hr ft2 °F
Specific Heat at 20° C
0.187 cal/(g • °C)
0.1827 BTU/lb °F
Heat Capacity
at 20° C
18.63 cal/ (mole • °C)
18.6 BTU/lb mole °F
at 1000° C
29.86 cal/ (mole • °C)
29.9 BTU/lb mole °F
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
20° to 50° C
5.8 x 10-6/ °C
3.2 x 10-6/ °F
(60 degree orientation)
20° to 500°C
7.7 x 10-6/ °C
4.3 x 10-6/ °F
E l to C axis
E ll to C axis
Loss Tangent
Loss Tangent
1 MHz
3 GHz
8.5 GHz
Volume Resistivity at 25 °C
1014 ohm • cm



Sapphire is, as stated above, an anisotropic crystal, and the values given above are average values. Please remember that this engineering

data is representative only, and should not be considered absolute or warrantable.


Products Detail

39/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate 039/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate 1

39/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate 239/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate 3

39/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate 439/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate 5

The Specifications for Sapphire Watch Glass


SIZE: dia20xdia50mm,

Orientaion: A±1°or C-axis

Thickness:1~5mm ok or by customzied

Surface: AS-CUT/ Lapped or Polished

Chiping: <0.1mm

Grade: optical grade without bubble, color,grain boundary

Material: 99.999% Al2O3 single crystal 



The Sapphire Process Step


39/40/45mm A Axis Sapphire Crystal Watch Face , Crystal Watch Face Rough Plate 6

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+ 100% QC inspection before packing;

+ Without defects on our products,high purity;
+ Vacuum packing;
+ All our products pass SGS,CE,Rohs;
+ With good leading time;
+ Germany technology,Chinese price;
Please try to offer more details as belowing when you place an order:Drawing,Tolerance,Material,Hardness,
Coating,Color,Semitransparent rate and use for what products.



Q1. Are you a factory?
A1. Yes, we have a professional optical lens manufactruer in China.


Q2. What is the MOQ of optical lens?
A2. No MOQ for customer if optical lens is in stock. customized watch glass size  is for  10pcs.


Q3: Can I customize the products based on my need?
A3.Yes, we can customize the material, specifications and optical coating for your optical components based on your needs.


Q4. How many days will samples be finished? How about mass products?
A4. Generally, we need 1~10 days to finish the sample production. As for the mass products, it depends on your order quantity.


Q5 What's the deliver time?
A5. (1) For inventory: the delivery time is 5 workdays.
(2) For customized products: the delivery time is 7 to 25 workdays. According to the quantity.


Q6. How do you control lens quality?
A6. Producing process is in vacuum dust-free shop, like prepare material, mixed material and take out . Four times quality checking during production process.


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